Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Creation Of Leases That Protect Your Interests

Rental property is a significant investment that needs to be legally protected. At Ray M. Toma, PC, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, we represent the interests of landlords and property management firms throughout Southeast Michigan.

Services We Provide Regarding Lease And Rental Agreements

Our attorneys help residential and commercial landlords facing a full range of legal issues:

  • Preparation and amendment of leases and rental agreements
  • Early lease termination
  • Rental and lease negotiations
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Collection of debts

We also represent homeowners associations in matters involving bylaws, dues and restrictions.

Leases are often lengthy, complex documents. Even though they are the foundation of the entire legal relationship between landlords and their tenants, leases and rental agreements are frequently misunderstood and misinterpreted. These misunderstandings frequently lead to legal disputes.

We help property owners ensure that their rights and assets are protected by the terms of leases. It is wise for landlords to seek knowledgeable legal representation to ensure that they have the knowledge and documentation to succeed in any disputes with tenants.

As both a lawyer and owner of rental properties with multiple tenants, Ray Toma understands the practical reality of the landlord-tenant relationship as well as the laws that affect it.

Addressing All Of Your Lease Issues

In 20 years with extensive experience in the real estate industry, Ray M. Toma, PC, has earned the respect of the legal and real estate communities. More importantly, our dedication to this area of law allows for us to help many clients successfully resolve their legal concerns. We are proud to be a go-to firm for landlords in Oakland County and surrounding communities.

To learn more and arrange an initial consultation at no cost, please contact us at 248-633-8654.