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Providing Careful Preparation Of Purchase And Sale Agreements

Drafted properly, a purchase and sale agreement should anticipate any potential challenges and include terms to resolve them. Having been through real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder and attorney, Ray M. Toma crafts thorough and forward-looking agreements and land contracts to help clients minimize their risks and enjoy seamless transactions.

Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Your home is likely your greatest financial asset. When you are signing an agreement to buy or sell it, you deserve to have someone at your side who understands every word of the contract. Real estate agents do valuable work, but their knowledge is limited when it comes to complex contractual matters. The standardized forms used by agents often fall short, failing to address important issues that could be problematic in the future.

As litigators, our attorneys have seen the dangers of ambiguous purchase and sale agreements. Our real estate attorneys know how a weak contract can lead to stressful, expensive and time-consuming litigation. We put our experience into every agreement so our clients can move on without fear of future conflict.

If you become involved in a disagreement over the terms, validity or potential breach of a contract, we are prepared to protect your interests in litigation. Ray Toma is a proven trial lawyer who has argued — and won — cases up to the Michigan Supreme Court.

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